Tortilla Flats
355 Hope Street
Providence, RI

This Place - Tortilla Flats Manifesto

Where you are cordially invited to seat yourself. To be yourself. To choose for yourself. (And we don’t just mean pinto or black.)

A Restaurant Ordinaire.

         The unusual usual.

Honest, with a complete disregard for
      convention or expectation

Where truly unique ingredients and ideas and individuals come together.

         A real, honest, perfectly imperfect place to
   unrefine yourself

One of big warm, hearts and ice-cold brews.

Where the spirits are free, even if the 77 tequilas are not.

And being happy is not about how much money you have (as long as you can pay the tab, thank you very much).

An unapologetically unexpected
   uncommon commonplace.

THE FLATS. Unassume.

Tortilla Flats
© 2009 Tortilla Flats, Providence, Rhode Island.